How To Live With A Healthy Body And Mind

How to have a healthy body and mind. Tony Buzan is a leading expert on the brain and learning who has authored and co-authored over a hundred books and has worked as an adviser to Olympic athletes.

Through his work in the media Tony aims to educate the world in how to think and live more efficiently.

In this film he talks about the need for exercising and feeding both the mind and body to get the best performance in all areas of life.

Step one: Mind and body connection in order to be physically healthy you need to be mentally healthy, and in order to be mentally healthy you need to be physically healthy. So the first step is that awareness.

Step two: mind and body foods. So step two is to work out how are you going to feed this amazing piece of equipment that we’ve got. And there are four main foods that your brain needs and fascinatingly those four main foods are what your body needs as well.

So number one is oxygen; so you need to get good oxygen pumping around your entire system the brain cells and the body itself number.

Two is good nutrition; you need good food your brain cells and your body are made of: what you put in your mouth. Good food, good brain, good body.

Junk food junk brain junk.

Number three: you must develop your senses. Your eyes: you’ll see like an artist. Your ears must hear like a musician. So you must feed this sensory mechanism and then the brain and the body erupt with health.

Number four which is a really nice one is friendship, affection and love. When you have friendship perfection and love, your brain lights up your body relaxes you breathe more easily everything works better brain and body.

Step 3 your fitness. If you are cardiovascularly fit and you get that by by running by swimming, by rowing, by working out in the gym, by fast walking, anything that keeps the heart beating for 20 minutes or more. When you are cardiovascularly fit you have a bigger stronger heart pumping more blood every second of your life.

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