I think it’s incredible that more and more people these days want to eat in a healthier way. And being healthy we know has been a hot topic for decades magazines and on TV and these days.

Most people I think are turning to social media as their go-to source for information on how to adopt healthier habits. I think social media is such an amazing tool a way that we can connect with people all over the world a way that we can share our knowledge and our insights with each other. I also feel like because there’s so much information out there it can be really confusing for a lot of people when it comes to their food choices because they’re wondering what can eat.

There just seems to be so much conflicting information one source will tell you a certain food is good another source will tell you a certain food is bad. So in today’s video I was hoping we could chat a little bit about creating a healthy relationship with food.

I was one of those kids that gave my parents grief over my food choices growing up. Like if it was up to me I would have had burgers and french fries and Cola all day, every day. And I think a lot of days I didn’t do that but then at some point you kind of just grow up and you want to adopt a healthier way of eating. And that was about in my university days. So I started to do some research at that point I had learned how to do research. But if I can be totally honest I was most heavily influenced by different YouTube channels that I was following.

And one of the problems I feel like with looking up information online is that every person’s definition of what healthy is is a little bit different. So somebody might tell you for example don’t bring junk food into the home things like chips and chocolate don’t have grains those aren’t good for you don’t have fruits they have sugars in them or don’t have certain vegetables because of GMOs and I think it’s easy to get caught up in being healthy but sometimes and for some people it can get to be a little bit out of hand and it can lead to certain feelings of guilt and self blame and this feeling like maybe we’re not enough we’re not doing enough we’re not trying hard enough we’re not eating well enough we don’t have willpower enough and I do think that the more we learn about food the more we tend to think about it and in some cases for some people we tend to overthink it so we might have eaten a certain food in the past not given ourselves a hard time for it but now we might think something like oh with that food it’s really unhealthy I shouldn’t have eaten that what was I thinking maybe you’ll even start to compensate in some way feeling like you need to start a diet and our intentions with this might be absolutely pure I mean we just want to be the healthiest versions of ourselves that we can possibly be but sometimes it can kind of create an unhealthy relationship with food and with exercise even remember that we choose to eat the foods that we do we choose to exercise in the way that we do because we know it’s good for us we know it’s healthy for us but what is definitely not healthy mentally is constantly giving ourselves a hard time for the food choices that we make or further our activity or our lack thereof or feeling like we’re not perfect because realistically I mean no one is so you might have heard of the pickup limes slogan nourish the cells and the soul now I chose that motto for pickup lines very much consciously and the reason I did that was because I wanted to shift our mindset away from feeling like it’s only about being healthy for our bodies so on the one hand yes it is very important to make sure that we’re nourishing our cells that were eating foods that are wholesome that we’re getting in some physical activity that we’re taking part in self-care rituals and doing these things because it feels good not because we feel we have to do it but it’s not just about nourishing the cells it’s also equally important to make sure that we’re nourishing the soul and what I mean by that is allowing ourselves to enjoy a certain treat food for no reason at all other than we just felt like it we’re not using that dessert or treat food as a reward or as a punishment or maybe enjoying a meal out with friends even if it’s not the healthiest food though we’re ordering but it’s focusing on the fact that we’re nourishing our soul by spending that quality time with friends over that meal and recognizing that these two are included in the whole concept of making healthy choices so I hope that in pickuplines videos in the past and currently I kind of share this philosophy this mindset of not giving ourselves too much of a hard time when it comes to our food choices like I know that my philosophy is I know I eat well the majority of the time so I am NOT gonna give myself a hard time at all for enjoying some treats or for cooking with a little bit of oil sometimes for including some refined sugars in my dessert recipe sometimes because it’s more about finding balance taking a step back and look at the big picture now I know that this topic that I’ve covered today it can be a difficult topic to cover because everybody’s in such a different place when it comes to their relationship with food so I hope that we shared it in this video today and that we’ll share it in the comments section below in a way that’s kind of supportive welcoming constructive helpful so thanks a lot for also being part of a community of people who believes in this food philosophy and mindset I think it’s so important to feel like we’re comfortable insecure and our food choices so thanks a lot for also enjoying this cup of tea with me I think that’s it for today pickuplines signing off we’ll see you in the next video [Music]

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